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2017.07.15 MaxMile releases new generation of Type-IIA EpiEL probe, which has much longer lifetime and better test accuracy(new).
2016.09.06 MaxMile releases EpiEL heating option which enable EL, PL, and EL/PL test at an elevated temperature.
2015.05.20 MaxMile releases DUV EpiEL option which can nondestructively obtain EL properties directly from deep UV LED wafers without any wafer preparation.
2014.05.30 MaxMile releases new EpiEL solution for mass production which includes following features (1) Robot I or Robot II system platform, (2) EL/PL combination capability, (3) new ultra-low noise-internal electronics, and (4) Version 3.5 system software.
2014.05.30 MaxMile developed new EpiEL system software (Ver. 3.5) which can reduce the influence of EpiEL probe variation and different kinds of device LIV can be closely simulated and extracted; correspondingly the extracted device LIV gives out much better test performance.
2014.02.28 Guangzhou Gurun Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD is appointed as MaxMile's sales reprehensives in South China.
2013.10.16 MaxMile shipped first Robot I EpiEL system with MaxMile own robot.
2013.09.06 MaxMile developed MaxMile robot and Robot I EpiEL system.
2012.04.18 MaxMile releases EL/PL combination test solution for LED epiwafers; system can work as either (1) EpiEL mapping system, or (2) PL mapper, or (3) EL/PL combination mapper. MaxMile PL solution provides decent PL intensity with least influence from wafer bowing.
2011.07.20 MaxMile shipped first robot EpiEL system with commercial robot.
2011.04.18 MaxMile developed robot EpiEL system with commercial robot.
2010.12.09 MaxMile shipped first EpiEL system with PL option.
2010.08.07 MaxMile received EpiEL system order for GaN-on-Si LED epiwafer application.
2010.09.16 Customer reported that EpiEL system could be used for monitoring the change of LED epiwafer quality caused by minor gas leakage of CVD.
2010.05.20 MaxMile EpiEL technologies were authorized with US patent.
2009.10.26 Some of EpiEL system users demonstrated that MaxMile EpiEL system could be used for optimizing p-activation process.
2009.10.15 Good Tree Co. is appointed as MaxMile's sales reprehensives in Japan.
2009.10.01 Challentech International Corporation is appointed as MaxMile's sales reprehensives in Taiwan, R.O.C..
2009.09.06 MaxMile shipped one EpiEL system for deep UV LED epiwafer test.
2009.08.18 Industry placed orders for 8-inch desktop EpiEL systems.
2008.09.01 Quatek Co., Ltd is appointed as MaxMile's sales reprehensives in Taiwan, R.O.C and China, P.R..
2007.08.08 MaxMile Technologies, LLC relocates its business operation in Austin, Texas
2007.04.08 Taiwan Nano-Material Applications Corp is appointed as MaxMile's sales reprehensive in Taiwan, R.O.C..
2007.02.12 MaxMile Technologies introduces EpiEL mapping system optimized for nitride-based LED applications.
2007.01.20 MaxMile shipped first EpiEL system.
2006.12.01 Paultec is appointed as MaxMile's sales representative in Korea.
2006.09.06 MaxMile Technologies introduces two types of EpiEL probes for epiwafer electroluminescence mapping.
2006.04.20 MaxMile EpiEL in a feature article: Electroluminescence mapping tool accelerates LED development.
2006.04.01 MaxMile Technologies demonstrated a method to determine the structure of superscrew dislocation in SiC and proposed a alternative micropipe formation mechanism.
2006.02.15 MaxMile Technologies releases nondestructive EL mapping systems for unprocessed LED epiwafers
2006.01.26 MaxMile Technologies demonstrated a method to control the barrier inhomogeneities in 4H-SiC Schottky Rectifiers
2005.04.07 MaxMile Technologies published a method to investigate small growth pits in silicon carbide epilayers
2005.03.16 MaxMile Technologies presents at SCAS 2005 annual meeting at Winthrop University
2004.10.20 MaxMile Technologies wins 2 SC Phase 0 EPSCoR funds

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