20060906: MaxMile Technologies introduces two types of EpiEL probes for epiwafer electroluminescence mapping

MaxMile Technologies, LLC at Lexington has recently introduced two types of EpiEL probes to meet different application needs. Type I EpiEL probe can be used to reveal the electroluminescence characteristics of wide driving current density, while Type II EpiEL probe can be customized to a specific contact size to closely simulate the real device for each application. Both types of probes can be used in existing EpiEL probe station without any change of hardware configuration. With these probes, MaxMile Epi-wafer Electroluminescence (EpiEL) mapping system will best meet various application requirements spanning from research and development to manufacture. To learn more about this news....

MaxMile EpiEL mapping systems provide a unique characterization solution for LED/LD industry. They characterize the electroluminescence (EL) behavior of unprocessed light emitting materials as a finished device (such as LED) functions through electroluminescence.

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