20050407: A method to investigate small growth pits in Silicon carbide epilayers

Silicon carbide (SiC) devices are fabricated on SiC epilayers which are grown on SiC substrates. The defects contained in SiC epilayers can be classified into crystallographic defects and surface morphological defects. Compared to the crystallographic defects in SiC, the existence of sharp-apex small growth pits was revealed only a few years ago.

In order to improve the SiC device performance and fabrication yield, the correlation between device performance and defects has been extensively investigated in the past decade. Due to the lack of effective characterization tools, the investigated surface-morphologic defects influence on device performance were limited to those with a relatively large size, which are usually visible under a normal optical microscope. There were few efforts that have been dedicated to investigate the influence of these sharp-apex growth pits on SiC device. In order to further understand the influence of the small growth pits on SiC device performance, this study reports our follow-up investigations on various growth pits associated different crystallographic defects in SiC epilayers.

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  1. Publication: Investigation on small growth pits in 4H silicon carbide epilayers, Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 279, 2005: 425-432.

  2. Application note: SiC epitaxial surface defect characterization.


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