20060215: MaxMile Technologies releases nondestructive EL mapping systems for unprocessed LED epiwafers

MaxMile Technologies, LLC at Lexington has released a series of electroluminescence (EL) mapping systems for LED industry. These systems can be used to characterize the EL behavior of unprocessed light emitting wafers as a finished LED functions through electroluminescence. They are nondestructive in nature and can be used for wafer-level and micrometric-scale investigations. The systems may also be used to evaluate the photoluminescence (PL) and electrical properties of different regions in the light-emitting materials.

MaxMile Technologies' EL mapping systems not only enable fast response for material development, but also its nondestructive nature will dramatically reduce the cost of quality control and improve cost-effectiveness. These EL systems will help the industry to accelerate the LED development and to overcome the hurdle to widespread market penetration.

The EL systems can be widely used for:

  • fast response for light-emitting material development including recipe modification, growth and system optimization,

  • high-volume characterization ranging from wafer evaluation/screening to device sorting

  • LED research and development with the combined capability of EL and PL.

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