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MaxMile EpiEL Mapping System

MaxMile EpiEL mapping system is a LED epi-wafer electroluminescence mapping system. It is a virtual LED device fabrication & characterization system which can be used to measure LED device parameters directly on epiwafers. Without any costly and time-consuming device fabrication, EpiEL reveals not only the electro-luminescence (EL) but also various electrical properties of the material.

EL measurement is usually performed on finished device (such as LED) since it needs a device structure to inject current. MaxMile EpiEL technology overcomes this limitation by instantly forming a well-defined LED device inside the material. EpiEL test is nondestructive in nature. LED epi-wafer under test will not be damaged and can be used as orignal wafer for next step use.

With such unique capability, MaxMile EpiEL technology provides an unprecedented electroluminescence solution for optoelectronic (especially solid-state lighting) industry which brings new capability and better efficiencies:

  • Enabling device-level quality control at early stage: MaxMile EpiEL systems not only enable the device-level quality control right after material growth, but also make it possible to perform such quality control on every wafer (100% device-level quality control).

  • Providing instant response for LED material development: MaxMile EpiEL systems can quickly obtain device-level information directly on epiwafer right after material growth which provides nearly instant feedback for material development such as recipe modification, growth & system optimization, etc.

  • Enabling "fabless" LED material and CVD system development: By providing device-level characterization directly on epiwafer, MaxMile EpiEL systems enable material or system development/improvement  to be accomplished in a "fabless" manner. In the past, any such development needs be verified through costly and time-consuming device fabrication & evaluation.

  • Facilitating LED/LD research and development (R&D) with a powerful tool: MaxMile EpiEL system is a virtual LED device fabrication & characterization facility which can be configured to simulate the different device structures. It can assemble quickly most device-level optical and electrical properties of the material in a fabless manner which could significantly reduce related R&D time and cost.


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